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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How it works

We identify communities that are in need of access to local sustainable textile recycling. SRC will assign a bright eye catching clean container(s) after receiving permission from property owners or management.

What we offer for land owners/property managers? 

We offer industry leading premium placement fees, paid in advance. Clear advertisement of your chosen charity or organization. Weekly maintenance of your recyclers to maintain a superior aesthetic standard of your business. SRC will provide a dedicated recycling coordinator for your location.  

How often are the recyclers emptied?

Multiple times weekly.   


What kind of Insurance do we have?

SRC is fully insured and will additionally insure any host that houses our recyclers.

How can we start a textile recycling program in my community?

Contact one of our Recycling Coordinators, and they will be happy to assist you. See Contact page for their info.

What can I donate?

We accept all used clean clothing, shoes, linens, handbags and towels. 

If I donate clothing that is in good condition, will it be reused?

Yes. 75% of the textiles that we collect is reusable clothing. Used clothing and shoes are an inexpensive alternative for people all over the world who are in need.

Who we help

Charities, local municipalities, schools, police departments, fire departments, non-profit organizations, local fundraising and green initiatives. 

Why is it important to recycle my textiles?

Every year, the average person disposes of 81 lbs. of textiles. Only 15% is being reclaimed or recycled, while the other 85% spends around 40 years decomposing in the landfills. That is 26 billion pounds of textiles releasing harmful CO2 and methane into our atmosphere.

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